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Meridian Avenue (SR 161)
Public Survey

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About the Corridor Study

This study is being conducted by the City of Edgewood to assess multimodal access, safety, and environmental needs along Meridian Avenue, from 24th Street E to the southern City limits at Todd Road E. Key intersections will be analyzed, and strategies and concepts will be developed to improve this corridor for all. In support of this effort, the City is seeking input from the general public through this public survey. An in-person public workshop will also be held in the spring once the survey is complete.

Preliminary Corridor Improvement Options

Preliminary improvement options have been created for each corridor segment shown on the map above. 


Two options have been developed for Segment 1. Both options widen the corridor to 2 lanes in each direction with sidewalks on each side. Option B moves the bicycle facility next to the sidewalk for a multi-use non-motorized zone.


Two options have been developed for Segment 2. Both options widen the corridor the corridor by 12 to 15 feet. Option A maintains the existing 3-lane, two uphill lanes, and one downhill lane. However it widens the corridor to provide a multi-use non-motorized zone. Option B widens the corridor to 2 lanes in each direction, and creates an off-corridor parallel route for non-motorized users farther west.

Segment 1

Segment 2


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